By Phil Morris, CEO, Spyglass

Hi. Welcome. We are excited to open the door to our new online home – This website is intended to be a resource hub for manufacturing executives who want to approach digital transformation differently ….. that is, one factory at a time. Leave the long PowerPoint strategy decks and endless rounds of consultants behind. If you believe in the POWER of starting small, thinking big, and going fast – you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been fortunate to spend the last two decades working with manufacturers on analytics and BI projects as CEO of Mariner – a Microsoft Gold Data Platform and Analytics partner. Over the past several years, we’ve been building IoT solutions with our customers and we’ve put all of our best thinking and learning in to our recently launched IIoT solution – Spyglass Connected Factory.

Spyglass Connected Factory is an IIoT solution that is designed the same way you are driving your operations – lean. With Spyglass, we aim to help you overcome the two biggest barriers to Industrial IoT (IIoT) adoption: excessive cost and access to infrastructure. You don’t need to risk large, upfront capital investments to find out if IoT analytics from your factory floor can drive real value to your bottom line. Instead – Start Small, Think Big, Go Fast.


Well, we welcome you to look around a little here on to find out. On our website,  you’ll learn more about how manufacturers – large and small – are reducing unplanned downtime, improving product quality, decreasing waste, and balancing production in days, not weeks or months, by leveraging the “Spyglass” approach to IIoT.

On your tour of our new home, you’ll find:

  • A use case on how one global manufacturer is driving significant savings in maintenance by using Spyglass to prevent unplanned downtime and to better optimize maintenance windows.
  • A video that illustrates how you can make your production line operate every day as though it were the very best day.
  • A diagram that shows how you, in less than 15 days, can be monitoring your production line data in real-time .
  • A blog post the helps you think about and solve the problem of the OT and IT divide – once and for all.

We will continue to invest in this online home – bringing you real-world stories and lessons along the way. You can join us as often as you want. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, “Uptime”, click on the social icons below to follow us, or just bookmark our Insights and News page.

You are the reason we created Spyglass –to help you fast track your digital transformation – one factory at a time – and we’re glad you’re here.

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