By Popular Demand – Spyglass “Go Faster” Trial Extended

At Spyglass, we work tirelessly to ensure that manufacturers experience real OEE improvements quickly using the new insights they gather from our IIoT and analytics solution, Spyglass Connected Factory. We do this by holding true to our mission to help our customers start small, think big, and go fast.

We want to help you “go faster” in 2019. 

By Popular Demand – the Spyglass “Go Faster” Offer has been extended

Qualifying manufacturers that sign a 60-day trial agreement for Spyglass Connected Factory before January 31, 2019 and begin the trial period before March 29, 2019 will receive $15,000 of value. Free Spyglass for 60 days, Free Microsoft Azure IoT for 60 days, and a free onsite “fast track” workshop for your business and IT teams.  Sign up here

What is the Spyglass 60-day trial?

Spyglass offers a 60-day trial subscription for the full version of our Spyglass Connected Factory software, powered by Microsoft Azure IoT. Spyglass enables you to reduce downtime, improve product quality and improve OEE with remote monitoring, OEE analytics and condition-based maintenance capabilities. The trial enables you to run Spyglass at one plant with unlimited machines connected and experience real-time improvements in your production processes. 

What is included in the onsite workshop? What value will I get?

The “Fast track your OEE improvement with IIOT and AI” workshop is a ½ day onsite session with your business and IT teams facilitated by our manufacturing analytics experts at Spyglass. During the workshop, we’ll help you drive a shared vision for OEE improvement and create a tactical plan to fast track your use of IIoT and AI to gain those improvements in days, not months or years. At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive:

  • Your Fast Track Plan:
    • identify the priority production issues and OEE improvements to solve that would return the largest value to your manufacturing operations
    • identify the business and IT users that need to be involved throughout the trial to ensure successful adoption of the solution
    • identify the business outcomes and impact that could be achieved and what ROI could be delivered if the problem is solved – in one plant or at multiple sites
    • a review of the current state of the telemetry and data available from the production line/plant and if it is sufficient to solve the identified problems
    • a review of the common roadblocks and challenges to be overcome and recommendations on how to overcome 
  • Your Custom Implementation Guide: A completed guide that enables you to fast track your implementation of the 60-day Spyglass trial and gain value quickly from the solution

How do I qualify? How do I get started?

U.S.-based manufacturers with >$50M in annual revenue are eligible to apply for the offer. You must sign the 60-day Spyglass trial agreement and agree to the terms and conditions before 5:00 P.M Eastern Time on Thursday, January 31, 2019. You must begin the 60-day Spyglass trial by March 29, 2019. You must complete the 1/2 day onsite workshop, facilitated by Spyglass, with your business and IT teams attending before March 29, 2019. 

To apply for the Spyglass “Go Faster” offer, complete this form or email with your contact information and our team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your eligibility and review the 60-day Spyglass trial agreement with you.  

We look forward to helping you “Go Faster” in 2019!

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