How To Unlock An Iphone 5S From Straight Talk

How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s, 6 & 7
How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 5s, 6 & 7 from

What is Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a prepaid mobile phone service provider that offers customers a wide range of cell phone plans. It is a joint venture between Walmart and TracFone Wireless. Customers can purchase either a Straight Talk-branded phone or bring their own unlocked phone to the service. Straight Talk offers the latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 5s, in their prepaid plans.

What is an Unlocked iPhone?

An unlocked iPhone is a phone that has been released from the restrictions of the cellular carrier it was purchased from. This means that the phone can be used with any cellular network. An unlocked iPhone can be used with any GSM or CDMA network, including Straight Talk. Unlocking an iPhone can be done in a variety of ways, including through third-party unlocking services, or through the phone’s manufacturer.

How to Unlock an iPhone 5s from Straight Talk

If you have an iPhone 5s from Straight Talk, you may want to unlock it for use with another carrier. Fortunately, unlocking the iPhone 5s from Straight Talk is relatively easy. You can do it yourself or hire a third-party unlocking service. Here’s how to unlock an iPhone 5s from Straight Talk:

Step 1: Contact Straight Talk

The first step to unlocking your iPhone 5s from Straight Talk is to contact the carrier. You can call Straight Talk’s customer service line or send an email to customer service. Explain that you would like to unlock your iPhone 5s. Straight Talk will provide you with an unlock code.

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Step 2: Insert a Non-Straight Talk SIM Card

Once you have the unlock code, you will need to insert a non-Straight Talk SIM card into your iPhone 5s. Make sure that the non-Straight Talk SIM card is from a GSM or CDMA network that is compatible with the iPhone 5s.

Step 3: Enter the Unlock Code

Once you have inserted the non-Straight Talk SIM card, you will need to enter the unlock code that Straight Talk provided. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone 5s, then go to Phone > SIM Card. From here, you can enter the unlock code.

Step 4: Activate the Phone

Once you have entered the unlock code, your iPhone 5s will be unlocked and you can use it on any compatible network. You will need to activate the phone on the new network by calling the carrier’s customer service line or by visiting their website. Once the phone is activated, you can start using it with the new carrier.


Unlocking an iPhone 5s from Straight Talk is relatively easy. All you need is an unlock code from Straight Talk, a non-Straight Talk SIM card, and a few minutes of your time. Once the phone is unlocked, you can use it on any compatible network. So if you want to switch carriers, unlocking your iPhone 5s is the way to go.

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