Project Description

Spyglass Connected Factory was chosen by a global manufacturing company to enable them to optimize processes on their specialty chemical production line. Prior to Spyglass, it took several engineers multiple hours/week to analyze line performance and product quality because their data was contained in seven silos. There was no single view of the entire production process and it was difficult to take corrective action when adverse events occurred and to better understand their root cause. This manufacturer implemented Spyglass Connected Factory for remote equipment monitoring and alerting, OEE analysis and condition-based maintenance. They are reviewing real-time reporting to understand Mean Cycles between Failures of their machines to avoid unplanned downtime and to optimize the maintenance work performed based machine condition. Using Spyglass as a foundation, they have extended the value they are realizing from their machine data by creating new visualizations, such as energy consumption. The impact of the investment in Spyglass has been quickly realized – both with the reduction of engineering time spent performing manual data manipulation and issue remediation and the ability to view more data sets in a more complete view of the end-to-end production process that couldn’t be achieved manually.

We created Spyglass Connected Factory to enable manufacturers to fast track their digital transformation – one factory at a time. Avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality, and balance production by starting small, thinking big, and going fast. To learn more, Watch our Spyglass Video.

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