Project Description

A global aerospace manufacturer chose Spyglass Connected Factory for product quality monitoring and operator alerting. The goal was to identify product defects on their fuel tank production line early in the manufacturing process before additional value-added work was completed. The sooner a defect could be identified and corrected, the more cost savings could be generated, and waste or scrap reduced. With Spyglass, they were able to achieve a 10x defect reduction within weeks of the initial implementation. At an overall 3% scrap rate for this product, this result enabled the manufacturer to drive a very high return on their initial investment in Spyglass Connected Factory and they are now making plans to scale their implementation across more products and more production lines.

We created Spyglass Connected Factory to enable manufacturers to fast track their digital transformation – one factory at a time. Avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality, and balance production by starting small, thinking big, and going fast. To learn more, Watch our Spyglass Video.

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