Spyglass is the child of Mariner

Spyglass was created by the team from Mariner – a 20-year old manufacturing analytics company and Microsoft Gold partner. Spyglass is rooted in data and the power of data to help manufacturers gain more insights and make better decisions. For over two decades, Mariner has been learning from manufacturers and guiding them to ensure they gain real value from their data – and this learning has been translated to Spyglass.

Spyglass is unique because it was created specifically to solve the two biggest barriers to AI and IoT adoption for manufacturers: excessive cost and access to infrastructure. Spyglass is a lean approach to IoT – starting small, thinking big, and going fast.

Meet Our Team

Phil Morris
Phil MorrisCEO & Co-Founder
Phil is responsible for defining and executing the business strategy and strategic alliances for Spyglass. Phil spent 15 years in manufacturing information technology and was most recently, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mariner, a data analytics services company for 20 years.
Joseph Guy
Joseph GuyCOO & Co-Founder
Joe leads all business operations, product implementation and support for Spyglass. Joe has been an IT entrepreneur and practitioner for over 25 years and managed the business and consulting operations for Mariner for 20 years across solution delivery and customer service.
Peter Darragh
Peter DarraghEVP Product Engineering
Peter defines and executes the product roadmap for Spyglass. Peter has over 30 years’ experience designing and implementing IT solutions across many industries. That experience includes over 15 years in data warehousing and analytics, 5 years in IoT and 3 years in Machine Learning.
Rodney Phillips
Rodney Phillips EVP Sales
Rodney is responsible for the direct and indirect sales channels for Spyglass. Rodney is a well-rounded IT sales and consulting leader with over 35 years’ experience at Microsoft and Duke Energy. His management experience spans sales, consulting, product management, project management, and services delivery.

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For IIoT, the quickest way to ROI is to Start Small, Thing Big, and Go Fast. Our team at Spyglass can help you remove obstacles and get started.

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